Friday, 26 February 2010

The Easter LBOM So Far

Hi ya guys,

Thank you so much for all the cards, postcards and samples given in to make the first LBOM of 2010! It's really exciting to see it all come tpoegther and I know I say this everytime, but honestly it's getting better and better. Personaly I think this is the best one so far. So thank you!! :D

Please do not worry if you havent sent in your cards/samples just yet as there's a little more time yet but I thought I would just make a start so with any luck, Im not rushing to make them and there for, making the Easter LBOM look at it's best.

Below you can see that I have tried to spread the samples out so it'll give everyone a chance to get seen. I have placed 1-2 samples in each bag, 2-3 postcards in each bag and also a bookmark or mini card in eac bag as well. Making up to 67 LBOM bags!

I hope this will make the LBOM appeal to many different tastes while giving everyone a fair chance to be seen.

Thanks again and I hope LBOM will bring in many sales for you.



  1. Well done, they are looking great. We all appreciate your efforts. Lorraine x

  2. These are looking great!
    I have awarded you with the sunshine award!
    Here's a link to my blog where you can read about it :D

  3. Hi,
    I have nominated your blog for the sunshine award
    Please see my blog for details.

    Sprinkle sparkles, you beat me to it again!! :D