Monday, 4 January 2010

LBOM Easter 2010

LBOM is starting again for Easter, 2010 :D email or contact me if you wish to get involved. It's totally FREE and anyone who is a member of misi can get involved. Please read below for more info. to how to get involoved. thank you :)

Hi there, Thank you for you interest in taking part of the LBOM Easter Eddition. This is our 5th edition but also the first for this year.
Because I am hopeing to take part in quite a few fairs during the Easter Holidays, I thought this could be great exposure for us all.
if you wish to get involved, please find the quide lines below:
Please could you send me no more than 30 bussiness cards. I would be happy to add them to the LBOM.
*If you would like to add any number of samples to advertise yourself i would be very happy to add them to the bags also.
* Samples must be able to be put into the paper bag. (5x7" bag)
* No more than 30
*any sample must have your misi address on them as this will lead any protentcial buyers to your online shop.
* Samples can be of any number from 1-30, it's totally up to you!
*You can just send bussiness cards if you wish to do so. They will be added to the booklets.
* PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PAY THE CORRECT POSTAGE & THE ITEMS INSIDE ARE SECURE- in the past I have had to pay for extra postage on some packages due to cards moving making the package a large and not a small envolope.
* I am not responceable for any lost or damaged packages while in transit.
*Please email me if you wish to take part and I will be happy to tell you where to send everything.
Many thanks for your time


  1. Hiya, I would love to be involved, when is the cut off date for sending in business cards.

  2. hi ya :) If I havent passed on my details to you already, please feel free to contact me through misi and I will be happy to help :D