Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Little Book of Misi Christmas Edition is Here!!

Yay! LBOM is in it's 4th edition and it's already to be given out.

LBOM is to bring people to Misi to try and encourage them to buy all their gifts on Misi, instead of buying mass produce products this christmas. We want them to think woudl my friend/family member/s rather receive a mass produced prouct or a thoughtful, hand made, unique gift this christmas?

Here are the stages of LBOM Christma edition being made:

First of all I devided the cards up into piles to make the booklets (as you can see, Ginny didnt think much to this ;) )
Then I stapled them together and created a professional looking booklet.
Then i place them all in their indevidual bags and started slitting up the leaflets and samples to make sure everyone when receivig a bag gets a few goodies as well. As you can see, Ginny was wanting to get in te way and help me. ;)
I then placed everything inside their bags. Here are a few samples. If you can not see your sample please do not worry as I was able to make over 50 bags that had all kinds of goodies in them, so your samples are in there somewhere.

I hope you like how LBOM the christmas edition has turned out.


LBOM Christmas Edition Update

Coming Soon...

Friday, 9 October 2009

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Friday, 2 October 2009

Christmas Edition Coming Soon!!

Hey ya guys,
great to have LBOM being in demand once again, so much so, we are now having a Christmas Edition.
First of all I like to appologise for not up dateing this blog as I have no idea where thi year has gone! 0.o but if anyone would like me to post anything LBOM relating (success stories, about your shop etc. etc.) please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Also I would like to say thank you to everyone has taken part in the past and also so far for the LBOM Christmas Edition.
To confirm the deadline for LBOM3 is the 10th of October so you so still have a few more days to get your items in. :)
So thank you to:

*Kims Craft
*The Beading Lady
*Fairly Girly&
*Cutie Pie
*Ruth Anne
*Just K

And last and no means least:
*With Hugs and Kissies (i am so glade that LBOM has worked well for you so far. you have to tell us more :)
*Neate Craft (thank you so much for your samples and also for the gift. I am not a jewllery sort of person but I havent taken off the necklace yet! it's fantastic! ^^D thank you!)

Again if you have anything you wish for me to post here please feel free to write to me :)