Sunday, 13 March 2011

Only One Month To Go

Hi guys
just a quick note to say there's now only 1 month to go for the entries to be sent in.
LBOC Easter edition is coming along great and looks like it's going to be very attractive to the protentcial buyers.
I am currently looking into new exciting ways of making LBOC bigger and better as it has grown since I started it in (if memory serves me) 2007.
Our facebook numbers are raising steadily as well.
I think i have replied to all of those who left pms, comments etc. who wanted more infomation.
I appologise if I have missed you. If you need to get in touch please do so via
thank you for all your subport in the LBOC.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

LBOC Easter Edition Is Here!

Due to personal reasons, I'm going to start this off earlier than first planed.
If anyone wishies to get involved with LBOC in any way, please contact me for more details and send cards &/or Samples to me by the closing date 15 of April 2011.
Hudge thanks to everyone who took part in the Christmas Edition and I hope you have had results from it. I still have a few left and plan of giving them all out at a useally busy Christmas Fair this Saturday :)
Look forward to hearing from you,

Thursday, 28 October 2010

A BIG Thank You...

goes out to everyone involved and thank you for all your encouragment so far. im glade you are all pleased with how they have turned out :)
We had our first fair last sunday which went well for me but sadly mum didnt have as good a number of sales but with every sale, a LBOC was given out so *fingers crossed* a few of you might have some visitors very soon.
Also we are having events regulary throughout Novemeber and December, and the LBOCs will be given to every purchaser so we are going to try our hardest to give out the lot before the end of the season.
remember you can also post up links on Little Book Of Crafters Facebook page and decus anything related on the decussion board.
Our next fair is this Halloween.
Thank you! ^^

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Making of LBOC

Hi guys
I though you might enjoy seeing the LBOC being made step by step

As you can see, I received lots of lovely parcels to be made into LBOC.

Here's the LBOC booklet I made from all of the bussiness cards from you guys, ready to be put into LBOCs sample bags.

Next step was to evenly put the samples and booklets together. I put 2 samples that was different from one another and 2 postcards into each bag. along side magnets and other litle things you gave me, to advertise your shops. as you can see, there was quite a few bags to make up. Im usally make beween 30 and 80 bags, this ime it was 117! Amazing, thank you guys!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Introducing You to Folksy

Hi guys,
I have the pleasure of introducing you to some of the shops advalable on Folksy. Enjoy! :)

I am Bonnita who loves anything graphic design and arty! i started my deign life creating manipulations in photoshop, this spurred me on to get the job i wanted, at 29 i left a dead end job in the financial sector and went back to uni for 2years and gained by BA Hons in graphic design with a second class honers, and here i am!

it was sad seeing all my old pictures doing nothing so i thought i would share them with the world and offer them as prints.

Thanks for taking the time to read

Bon xx

Orange Bird Studio

I love anything crafty (I think I keep Hobbycraft in business!) but my main love lies with knitting and crochet. Everything I create is made by hand, and I use the highest quality materials. I work full time as a graphic designer, so most of my spare time is spent working on my hobbies. I guess the fact that my day is spent in front of a computer screen, makes getting home and being able to make things with my own fair hands a real joy!

I make knitted phone cozies, cushions, accessories and also illustrate my own cards. Take a peek!

My blog is at

I am a trained jeweller but got out of the loop a bit when i had my kids. After a dire 2009 where i lost my dad and i suffered from thyroid cancer i decided 2010 would be different, so i decided to take my life in my own hands and start up my own jewellery business.
my website is:
and folksy shop is:

Shop Name: Emele Photography

I'm Emily and I'm a photographer selling prints through my Etsy and Folksy shops plus homewares and gifts through Zazzle.

I spent 6 years living on the Greek island of Crete so a lot of my photography features mediterranean scenes but I'm slowly building up my English scenics having returned to the UK to be with my man. I now get the best of both worlds with summers in the UK and extended visits (during the winter months!!) to Greece.

I'm a bookworm, like to bake on a sunday afternoons and am a bit of a bargain hunter... Show me a charity shop or a carboot sale and I'm there!

I am Bonnie, AKA Fat Chick Designs
I make bags and purses, wallets and Lapsnugs as well as made to measure plus size clothing.

Secrets/ interesting things about me

I used to be a stand up comedian.
I have twin daughters.
I have a phobia of weetabix
My style guru is Margo Leadbetter
I call my studio The Workwomb
I think coleslaw is the work of Satan!/pages/Fat-Chick-Design/111865015538360

Booties By Dannie sells handmade babywear (booties, hats and cardigans) as well as hair accessories. I have also recently added a range of crocheted crowls/necklettes/scarves for the adults.

I'm Sharon and am 40, living in Hampshire. Started making primarily children's jewellery about 3 years ago, after having my 3rd child, to keep my hands busy and out of the cupboards! Now my youngest has started school, I want to see if I can turn my hobby into something more, so started up on Folksy at the end of August.

I make lots of pretty stretchy childrens bracelets and necklaces, along with some for us ladies.

My Folksy shop is:

My facebook page is:!/pages/Southampton-United-Kingdom/Bubblegumbod-Beads/142717905772244 (it's horribly long!)

Sharon x

I run Dab and a dash. it's mainy notebooks (at the moment. All handmade and the covers are made using fabric remnants or upcycled materials. Some of the covers have designs backstitched onto them. Sizes vary:largest A5.
Interesting info about me is limited. I'm crafty soul who loves creating. Fabric and paper are my favourites. Have been lucky enough to have several layouts featured in magazines and even had a genealogy article published.



Thank you for reading my waffle :)
Lorna May
{Dab and a dash.}

I am relatively new to Folksy but have been making and selling various arts and crafts for several years now. I have travelled a lot in the last 5 years teaching English and gain much of my inspiration from the people I have met and the places I have been. I like to make my items colourful and unique and I love seeing peoples faces light up when I give them a handmade gift!!

When I found out I was pregnant last year myself and my fiance flew back from The Maldives and I got stuck into making stuff!! I made my Mum a large cat rug for her Christmas last year which took absolutely ages to do!! She currently uses it as a wall hanging as she thinks it's too nice to use!

Pirate Pixie was born shortly after Christmas last year as everyone absolutely loved their handmade gifts! Pirate because of all the travelling I have done and Pixie because I have a mischievious side!

Shortly after giving birth to my son I found a site that sells pirate charms and had to buy them to make quirky earrings! My skull and crossbone earrings made it onto folksy for 15mins before they were snapped up by a friend!

Since having my son I have made things when I have time and I have a lot of 'work in progress' items that need a few finishing touches before I can list them. My Christmas items are going to be more shiny and sparkly to tie in with the feel of Christmas. I hope to generate more sales on Folksy and I intend to take my crafting career to new heights when I open my website which is currently being designed.

I am on facebook and twitter and intend to branch out to the online community to market my items and to give people the opportunity to buy some lovely jewellery! My aim is to bring a smile to peoples faces through my items and I hope I do that!

Monday, 11 October 2010

LBOC Is Now On Facebook!

Yes people, LBOC is now on facebook and LBOC is there to help spread the word about handmade goods are better than mass produced. LBOC FB page is allowing YOU to post links to your items for FREE ^^)!/pages/Little-Book-Of-Crafters/161253473903075 (rules do apply)

Sunday, 10 October 2010


New look, new name and NEW LBOC! :D
Yes people, instead of concertraiting on just 1 crafting website, not 2 but 100s even 1000s of new crafters advertised to proentcial customers!
If it's your own website, misi shop, Folksy, Etsy or through other crafting sites, you can use LBOC to your advantage. As long as it's handmade, LBOC wants to include YOU
LBOC is open to all BUT the deadline is coming a close for the Christmas edition (this Saurday coming). Please veiw the info to the side for how to get in touch OR watch this space for a chance of taking part next year. :)
Remember, LBOC is FREE!